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christina brinkman received her degree from the rochester institute of technology.  she began as a painter and printmaker specializing in etchings and mixed media prints.  widely exhibiting her work both nationally and regionally, christina has participated in countless individual and juried group shows, winning many awards.  her work is included in public, private and corporate collections. 

in 1984, christina published a series of die-cut cards which rapidly grew popular.  these unique cards were sold and circulated throughout the world in museums, galleries and high-end stationery stores.

her work has been selected by the museum of modern art (MOMA).  among her artistic contributions to MOMA were two card designs, an umbrella and a mobile.  she has created many imaginative works; both in the fine arts area and in the graphic arts arena for other museums, businesses and institutions worldwide. 

upon the sale of her card company christina has turned her sights back to the fine arts, concentrating on porcelain vessels and sculpture.  her studios are located on lake ontario, ny and fort lauderdale, fl.  

“in my work I am guided by touch and engagement with the material.  nature and organic form help bring direction and orientation to my work.  it tries to be sympathetic with the natural world.  it is usually white, the absence of all color or the sum of all colors.  white reflects simplicity, purity, nakedness, lightness, death, calm, or stillness.  without the distraction of color, one considers the outline, the interior and exterior space, the proportions and relationships of the form.  the shadows and space around become an integral part of the work as well as the light reflecting surfaces and edges, the energy of what is and isn’t there.  i am never certain of its destination but it is often within the boundaries of the vessel form.”   

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